You live in me anther world

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5月,阳光明媚的季节。只是忽然,便想起了那些年华,以为某一个人便是自己的全世界。 ——写在前面。


For a lifetime , will to a person , to a city .


I’m not your own personality , just stay with you for a long time , the subconsicous mind began to imitate your world.


We are always eager to meet a understand themselves , that is the so-called close friend . Ignore the side silently for some of us .


I wait until the flowers , wait until sunset , but not you.


Those who can not see the future ,I don’t want to guess , but have now I know you by my side.


I stand beside you in a supporting role attitude , with their own intertation of the monologue.


I thought , I a person can live well. Finally one day, I found , I had been living in their own weaving by your city.


The cornen of the dandelion gone with the wind down, looked like the love not to fling caution to the wind.